When you upload information on a web hosting server, it requires some storage space on the hdd dependent on its particular size. When you run a script-driven internet site which stores its data in a database, it will take more disk space, the more people work with it. For example, in the event that you have a community forum, the greater amount of opinions people leave, the greater the database gets. Emails, in particular ones having attachments, also take some space in the site hosting account. The HDD space quota that you receive with any shared website hosting provider is the total amount of info you can have at any given moment, and it consists of web site files, e-mail messages and databases. Likewise, a home computer has a hdd and the computer programs installed on it together with all of the docs and music files that you make or download require some space, which can't exceed the total capacity of the hard drive.

Disk Space in Shared Website Hosting

In order to match the processing effectiveness behind all of our cloud website hosting plans, we've thought over and implemented the most effective option for the disk space - your hosting account will not be made using just one server, but on a cluster platform. As a result, what we've designed is a whole collection of servers which is focused on the file storage only, therefore you should never concern yourself with not having enough hard disk space and having to move to another server as your present one can not accommodate more data. Whenever more space is needed, we just add extra machines to our cluster, so that the storage space is virtually inexhaustible. Needless to say, all our shared website hosting are intended to be used for web sites, not for a collection of big files. We have distinct machines for all of the databases and the emails.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

All of our dedicated servers include multiple hard disk drives so as to suit the processing power that you will get, which means that you'll never need to be concerned for running out of hdd storage. The HDDs can be employed in RAID, which means one drive can be a mirror of another one in order to ensure that your info will always be protected, or it can be used individually for even larger full storage capacity. Many hundreds of gigabytes of hard disk storage space will be available all the time, which means that you can run large web sites, upload huge files and even copy your personal archive. As a dedicated server is definitely the most powerful kind of website hosting, you can upload/download files with very fast speeds. If necessary, we also provide the option to add more hard drives and use even more storage space for your data. We provide 3 hosting Control Panels with our dedicated servers - when you use Hepsia, all of your domain names will share the full server space and they will be operated in a single place, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin you will have the possibility to generate separate hosting accounts with pre-defined disk space allocations for each and every domain name hosted on your server.